The primary difference between EzyTrack and other tracking systems that you may have heard of is that the tracking is all live.

What this means is that you know exactly where your vehicles are all the time, and not where it was an hour ago – we don’t really see the use of that.

We don’t track – you do, and the history is there for you to see as far back as you want.

Another important aspect is that we don’t get clients to sign 36 month contracts and debit orders and lock them in legally. You will be invoiced once a month in advance.

We look after a limited number of clients where the units have to work 24/7.

We primarily service plumbers, electricians and other companies with small fleets. We also install tracking systems in to cars and motorcycles for vehicle rental companies.

In high risk scenarios we can also install equipment to turn the engine off via sms using a code.

In summary we provide a service that tracks your vehicles all the time, and gives you 24/7 access to see what they’re doing, where they’re going and provide notifications when these fall outside of the parameters that you have set.

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