It’s Easy to track the Ezytrack way.

What makes us different?
  • Live Tracking
  • It is LIVE tracking of the unit with pin point accuracy.
  • Over speeding is captured and a notification is immediate via email.
  • Google Maps® are utilised.
  • Visible location of vehicle can be viewed via street view.
  • Quick navigation between vehicles.
  • Visible health status of the units.
  • The system can tell you in what direction the vehicle is moving.
  • It will indicate to you the last communication time from the unit.
  • It can indicate the stationary time and the moving time of the vehicle selected.
  • Customised notifications can be sent via email for entry of zone, exit of zone or any other input depending on your requirements.
  • Quick navigating buttons from Live tracking to History Replay.
  • The Ezytrack system can notify you when the vehicle’s licence is due for renewal.
  • It is also able to notify you of your driving licence expiry date. This applies to PDP permits as well.
  • The Ezytrack system is able to notify you when your vehicle is due for servicing.
  • Via the Ezytrack server you can track your vehicles on any smart phone.
  • All trips are recorded in an archive and you can access this data in a matter of seconds.
  • History can be replayed, paused, rewound and fast forwarded.
  • Lines drawn on each trip as you select the different trips.
  • Over speeding icon of an exclamation mark to indicate the exact location of the offence.
  • Clear trip start and trip stop icons.
  • Detailed trip reports for log books.
  • Customised CPK formulas.
  • Customised reports.
  • Export reports to XLS (Excel) or to CSV.
  • Draw up a Geofence around a zone that you would like to customise for your personal preference.
  • Name the zone, choose a colour.
  • Bring up a previous trip with a specific vehicle with the “Vehicle History Loader” to be able to zone an area quickly and accurately.
  • Edit, delete and add as many zones as you like.
  • You can draw up to 3 zones in or on each other.