Your Ezytrack unit keeps an accurate journal regardless of where you go.
A tracking unit is a device that works similar to a Tom Tom or a Garmin that you buy in the shops where it can tell you your location. The only difference is that the tracking units are well hidden and they communicate with our Tracking Server after it receives its co-ordinates. When the unit gets a satellite lock it will keep it until it doesn’t have clear sky view, i.e. when you park in a basement. As soon as you move the vehicle out, the unit will receive a satellite lock again and start recording its information then transmit it over the GSM Network.
The unit is fitted in a secure, well hidden and difficult to find location. The harder it is to find the better chance you have to find your car.
The unit works on a 6 to 36 battery voltage, this means that you can connect this up to any mechanical device that operates with a battery.
The unit will not damage any electronics of your vehicle because it was designed to work on 5mAh current, we install this on the main terminals of your vehicle. This will not interfere with any onboard computer or the vehicles management system.
The units will not need maintenance because of its robust design and lifespan of many years. There are instances, if your vehicle has gone for electrical work or involved in an accident that it may need to be reset.
The unit can either be transferred into the new owners name or you can decide to de-install the tracking system and reinstall it again into your new vehicle. Note that there are charges for a de-installation and a re-installation.
Ezytrack’s online based solution is accessible on any computer from any location in the world. At no extra cost you can log in as many times as you like and this includes all the users under your profile.
The online system is only supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. Other browsers cannot be guaranteed.
The Ezytrack unit updates every 20 to 40 seconds making it a true live tracking unit.
Our system works on the GSM Network, so where ever there is signal you will find it.

The unit has a 2 year warranty period which includes any hardware failure, failure of the components or factory fault of the unit. We do however not take liabilities for any harsh damage done, water damage or if the unit has been tampered with. Most of the time the unit can be repaired with no additional cost.

There are no hidden costs for the system, it is only the once off fee for installation and the monthly cost for the service.