It has been proven that fitting more Ezytrack units into your vehicles can greatly improve your profit.

Prior to design, we did extensive research into exactly what customers want and identified that the biggest issue was high costs to company i.e. speed and the whereabouts of staff during working hours as well as company vehicles during non-working hours.

From the ground up the Ezytrack system has been designed to offer the best performance for ease of use by individuals/companies.


Ezytrack is an All-In-One system when it comes to fleet management and asset tracking. High risk vehicles are enabled to switch the engine off via an SMS on your cell phone. No telephone calls are necessary – features are in your direct control.

It is a system that gives you not only complete peace of mind of the exact location of your vehicle but also at the same time it compiles massive amounts of information and converts it to simple and understandable data in the form of trip reports.

Ezytrack is a web based platform for small to corporate fleets, customising the structure of how you would want it. This gives you, as the client, full control with all the added features that we can offer.

Ezytrack units can be fitted into any vehicle or machine.

Whether it is an excavator or a normal workhorse.

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